Started a project – need some input

I started a scarf from the Purplesage Design #7 Hunter Blue.

After knitting 4″ the edges curl in. Should I “frog” it and add 4 stitches of Seed Stitches (like the borders for the dishcloths)?

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Buy a sweater – make something new.

In my travels through the internet and clicking on links and then another link I found a website:

Knit-A-Square and decided to help the children in South Africa stay warm. Please read the website, if  you knit or crochet, this is a very easy project to help children.

In the spirit of going GREEN, I decided to work with a garment already made. I drove to the Salvation Army thrift-store and found a 100% wool man’s sweater, size XXL, bought it for $6.49 and the minute I got it home started taking it apart and “frogged” (rip-it rip-it) it. I should have taken a photo of the sweater intact, but it was too late when I thought about blogging the project.

One sleeve and the back The colors reminded me of a sunset on a stormy night, brilliant orange going to a shade darker and darker.

Winding the yarn on my ball winder I now have 21 oz of wonderful wool to make squares for the blankets.

21 oz of yarn


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Socks! Different kinds…

I want to knit socks! Real socks but I just can’t get motivated to try to knit with 4 (5) needles and thin yarn. So I made a sock for my water bottle because it “sweats” when the ice melts.

Water Bottle Sox Yarn

The pattern is on the Berroco website, I used Patons Kroy Socks Jacquards “Crayon”. Adding a few rows of double crochet helped to speed up the pattern, still tedious though.

How about some funky looking socks?

Dorm Socks The pattern is free from Red Heart, self-striping yarn named “Strata”. My first REAL sock! Now to find the time to knit the other one.

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A hat and a scarf, work in progress

The pattern is on the band of Bernat Softee Chunky, it was on sale at Michael’s the color is GREY RAGG.  Crocheting the hat went pretty fast, the scarf takes a little longer.

Hat, finished. Scarf in progress

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I joined a new group

I joined a group on yahoo called Monthly Dishcloths and started with the Mid-February pattern and messed up. I ‘frogged’ (rip it – rip it) the cloth and tried it again. Not my favorite, to heavy and bulky to use for washing dishes.

KAL Mid February

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Doris’ request granted

Doris:  I would like a picture of the view from my bedroom at your house.please.

Here is the window and a ghost in the mirror The South Wing at Casa de Luther

img_0689 Nothing but sunshine today after a stormy Wednesday yesterday.

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5 scarves for the Special Olympians – finished & mailed

Whew! I mailed the scarves yesterday and feel good about finishing five scarves.


More info on the Special Olympics Scarf Project The scarves are all different from very short to long. I figured athletes come in all sizes too.

The scarves have to arrive in Boise by January 15, 2009, you still have time to make one or two or ? knitting If you need patterns look here and here
img_06811 img_06821 img_06831 img_06841 img_06851

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A foggy morning in Escondido CA

img_0669We woke up to heavy fog this morning, I love it. I took the photos at 7am.
Meteorologists on all San Diego TV stations are promising rain starting on Tuesday. Hopefully the drive to Oregon won’t be too wet!


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How to make a christel

5 parts pride

3 parts humor

5 parts leadership

Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of sadness
Get Your Personality cocktail
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How to make a bibliophile

5 parts intelligence

1 part courage

1 part empathy

Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little wisdom if desired!
Get Your Personality cocktail
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